John Bruce Wallace is a composer, improvisational guitarist, and painter. He has performed concerts in Russia and Lithuania as well as in the United States. His recordings have received radio airplay across the United States, Canada, and Europe. His music may be heard currently on Internet radio at PIG RADIO. His performances and recordings have been reviewed in leading foreign and domestic trade journals and publications. His paintings have been exhibited in New York, Chicago, Minneapolis, and Washington, DC, as well as other exhibitions across the United States. His computer images have been exhibited on line at the MetaCreations (formerly MetaTools) Users' Gallery web site. He has published a monogram in philosophy on solipsism. His production company, Jace W. Ball Creative Enterprises, serves as an outlet for his music and painting endeavors, as well as graphic arts and record production. He is employed as a Paralegal in Washington, DC.

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"83198856", © 1998 John Bruce Wallace
"83198949",,© 1998 John Bruce Wallace

A new John Bruce Wallace recording will soon be available on the web, Graphic files for cover and soundtrack titles will soon be available at this site, sound tracks will soon be available at various MP3 sites. Once available click on the soundtrack image button to link to the soundtrack distribution site.

Electro Static Time Line

"Electro Static Time Line", © 2000 John Bruce Wallace

Sound track #1, available soon
Sound track #2, available soon
Sound track #3, available soon
Sound track #4, AVAILABLE HERE NOW
Sound track #5, available soon

Art Gallery: Visual and Computer Art
(The selections of art shown in this gallery will change periodically. All images, photos, and paintings are copyright property of John Bruce Wallace; Please contact the artist for reproduction licenses. Software used to generate Computer images: MetaCreations Bryce 2 and 3, Poser 1 and 2, Painter 5, Detailer, Expressions, Kai's Power Tools 2 and 3, and Kai's Convolver; Corel Photo-Paint 7; Caligari TrueSpace 2 and 3; and Winfractal v. 17.5).

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