Man is a producer of Sounds and Images - sonic and visual. Everything Man does has this signature: Technology; Science; the Emotions: Love, Hate, Joy, Anger, Fear; the Agrarian or Cosmopolitan. All have this sonic statement: Record of endeavor. Man in this way is an indigenous inhabitant of a world of Sonic Producers.

One of the purposes of the “Artist” is to challenge our conception of the “GOOD”, of the “BEAUTIFUL, of good and bad, to expand the horizon of our notion of quality and to bring the fundamental quandary of life - uncertainty - to the fore. The artist looks into the void and ultimately returns some vestige upon which to proceed a little further down the road. Hopefully, in the ultimate resolution there is nevertheless a small absolution from our finiteness toward an infiniteness more warm in embrace.

Each of us places a stepping stone into place on a path that we have no conceived knowledge of an end to.

Artists, as well as, other creative innovators simply make the outline of these stones slightly more precise, perhaps because we live closer to the perimeter and thus are able to feel the jaggedness of the edge a little more accurately.

It takes a lot to present an improvisational performance, much more than to present a well rehearsed show. The improvisational performer constantly faces the void and strives to bring forth the emotional substance that becomes the common dialogue of life.

Being a performer of improvisational presentations means that my nakedness is always there in the presence. There is always the psychological fear of being confronted naked before the world. Well! That is the crux, naked before the world. What exists is the music. No props. No visual distractions.

I don’t hear sound in a linear way. Consequently, I don’t perform in a linear way. The sound is very dimensional with each note, tone having multi-facets of time and space. Thus, very strangely shaped, sonic hued, sounds are juxta positioned in strange time-space relations.

The music has been referred to as having an exceptionally high emotional impact, that sometimes makes it hard to take in large doses or without referent to other outlets, such as visual images (paintings). The abstractness of the compositions requires that the audience be ready and willing to accept their initial feelings and reactions. Much like an audio Rorschach reading, there are no correct or right responses, just that one be free and open with one’s response. Honesty in the performance demands honesty from each audience respondent. Do you hold yourself in sufficient respect to allow that?