[I]ncredibly interesting guitar improvisation, [i]f you are into guitar you will be into this from John Bruce Wallace. Incredibly talented. Susie Mudd, MARYLAND MUSICIAN, Baltimore, MD

Wallace is one of those rare exceptions. Charles S. Russell, EAR MAGAZINE, New York, NY

Sinuous solo guitar improvisations...rippling, resonant sound. Mark Jenkins, WASHINGTON CITY PAPER, Washington, DC

An aggressive, wailing guitar sound--astonishing and extremely individual--that one has never heard before. Grigory Valov, TIF, Arkhangel'sk, Russia

[S]izzling electric distortion...thick and saturated tone...tapping the human interior's post pro-harmonic feedback. LaDonna Smith, the improvisor, Birmingham, AL

Wallace can very obviously play. [L]engthy meditations, often very spiked and twisted...often wild and unpredictable. Ken Egbert, OPTIONS, Santa Monica, CA

[I]ndividual sustain-drenched notes hang in the air, decaying naturally. Robert Iannapollo, CADENCE, Redwood, NY

Wallace interprets the improvised pieces with many harmonics, with inconsistent rhythms over fractured changes. Philippe Renaud, NOTES, Nantes, France

[H]is playing is a lot less predictable than that of many guitar warriors, and the best of it has a savage beauty that Eddie Van Halen couldn't achieve with six months of overdubs. Mark Jenkins, WASHINGTON CITY PAPER, Washington, DC

He invented a new technique of playing while continuously changing the pitch of his electric guitar. Svetlana Korel'skaya, ARKHANGEL'SK, Arkhangel'sk, Russia

[R]efreshing to hear music of such originality and quality for a change. Don Reimus, WOUI Radio, Chicago, IL

I really like the new material and it will be played for a long time (we still play "Plumbing" regularly). Rockin' Patrick Mokrane, Knight After Productions (CITR and CFRO Radio), Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

[A] composer working to create a new voice for the electric guitar...creating a new approach to the instrument. Tim Brady, Opus Novus, Bradyworks, Codes d'Acces, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

The music is clearly developed, powerful, and expressive. Rick Petrie, WITR Radio, Rochester, NY

Really great improvisation for guitar. Dwight Loop, Earwaves Radio Network, KSFR Radio, Santa Fe, NM