Arrangements for Purchase of Limited Reproduction Rights in the Audio, Visual, and Graphic Arts of John Bruce Wallace.
To Order, Telephone 1-240-432-3211, in the United States, and leave your name, phone number and a short message.

Remember, in addition to the granting of Mechanical Licenses for limited reproduction of visual and computer images Mechanical Licenses can be granted with regard to any musical composition currently available in the orve of Mr. Wallace. Mr. Wallace accepts commissions of all referenced art forms.

The first step in arranging a Mechanical License is to contact Mr. Wallace to discuss your project and the availability of usable images and sounds, or the need to commission new sounds and/or images to enliven your project. For the fastest response, you should call or leave a voice message for John Bruce Wallace in the U.S. at 1-240-432-3211. You can also send e-mail to Please be ready to describe your expected usage of the image or sound composition -- For example if the image is to be used in a publication, than information regarding the type and circulation of publication, size and placement of the image, time period, distribution, etc. will be needed .

Once we have a general frame of reference with regard to the project parameters we can negotiate a fee for the various Mechanical License Rights. After an agreement is negotiated, you will be sent the image with a contract and invoice. Sound files may require different transfer arrangements. We will make every effort to deliver the sounds or images in an electronic format that you specify. This can be accomplished electronically via modem, Zip disk, floppy diskette, or other media; Recordable CD-ROM can be arranged at a slightly higher cost and longer turnaround time frame. Turnaround for delivery via modem can be within the same business day where an up link is easily established. Sending a floppy or CD means an overnight delivery. You may request a print or transparency of the visual or graphic image, but filling such an order takes additional days and results in slightly higher charges.

For payment Mr. Wallace expects a check, money order, or wire transfer drawn on a U.S. bank or payable in U.S. currency, made payable to the order of John Bruce Wallace.

Typical Fees

Stock art sales fees charged vary with usage. This art can be sold for use in advertising, corporate publications, packaging, editorial publications, electronic media of all sorts, produced objects. Thousands of different uses exist, each with a unique value, and each commanding a unique fee.

While it is not practical to publish a comprehensive price list, some suggested fees are listed below.

  • Solo Guitar Concerts require a guarentee cover of travel, lodging, and meals, except for concerts within an hour drive of Washington, DC area, and a negotiated fee.
  • Music Commissions range from $250 for a brief jingle of under two minutes to several thousand dollars for more complex, longer works.

  • Annual report, one time cover art, circulation 500,000, fee=$2500
  • Popular textbook or fictional novel cover, one time cover art, circulation 20,000, fee=$1000
  • Cover Art Package, J-Card, CD-inserts, record jacket, under 20,000 units, fee=$1000 per year in production
  • Trade show poster, concert promotional flyer or poster, 30x40 inches, fee=$500 per week displayed
  • Web index page, 100 pixels square, fee=$250 per six months displayed. Additional web pages priced according to page size and complexity.

    Within these examples there exists the possibility for variations in fees.

    Concert/Performance needs

  • PA-system with microphones capable of miking a guitar amp, along with a Sound Technician.
  • The ability to patch the artists recording devices into the sound system so that a recording of the performance may be made.
  • A stool and foot rest.
  • Minimal lighting.

    Please mail comments and suggestions to

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